4 Conclusion


In conclusion we are privileged to be in a position to witness and welcome the arrival of the Crystal Children and all the New Children, and make their arrival as easy as possible so that they will thrive and blossom here. They will also be accomplishing their mission of helping us to join them at a higher level of evolution which they already embody. We do have to be sensitive to the issue of labeling these children (P.M.H. Atwater).

In the original Exodus story in the Bible it was the children who got to enter the Promised Land as the adults were not vibrating at a compatible level. The Crystal Children are already in the Promised Land of higher evolution, but we can join them this time. In learning to communicate with them and supporting them in other ways “we begin the process of transforming our own biology to a crystaline structure ( Re-member p 168), and  ourselves into beings of crystal vibration.” Eventually any centers we create will become redundant as all children will be of crystal vibration and the above approaches will be the norm.

Even though Steve Rother reported that if it was safe enough for them, those children with all 100% of the crystal characteristics would begin coming towards the end of 2005, it was in 2008 that I read that they first began to be born. The Dosicks describe the full crystal children this way:

“These children are characterized by being pure love.

They come with no karma, with no past life woundings.

Their faces continually glow with the Light of the Divine.

Their entire beings are soft and gentle.

They exude an incredible sweetness.

They seem untouched by the harshness of the world.

They are incapable of taking in anything that is not the pure Love vibration.

They come to be the realization of Beings of pure Light and Love, paradigms of a world of perfection, the embodiment of what every being on Earth can and will be.

We rejoice in their presence amongst us. We honor their purpose and their vision. We joyfully anticipate the time when their mission will be embraced by the whole world, when the Crystal Children will lead us to the evolution and transformation that brings Eden to Earth.”

May we and ‘All That Is’ be blessed as we join hands to support the arrival and thrival of these Crystal Children and all the New Children.

The Crystal Cradle is one way to do this and the following are  it’s goals.

Crystal Cradle Intention

The Crystal Cradle is a center to support the arrival and thrival of the Children of the New Earth.

The  approach to the children will be:

“You are not a child

in the eyes of the Universe

in the arms of God

in the heart of ‘All That Is’.

You are a brilliant light that has been shining since the beginning of time.

You are a wise and ancient soul who has come to this Earth to shine your light on humanity.

The body you have chosen for this life now, looks like a child, for that is how the cycle of human life begins.

Though our bodies look different now, we are no different inside.

We are both the light of God, the soul of the Universe, expressing ourselves on Earth.

Through my human eyes I see you as a child.

Through my spiritual eyes – the eyes of God – I see you as an ageless expression of love.

I promise to keep your body safe and out of danger.

I promise to help you express yourself as fully as you can.

I promise to help you communicate whole heartedly which will allow you to do what you came to do in this lifetime.

I promise to do all these things knowing that at times

I would forget and you would be angry with me for treating you  like a child.

I would forget and I would make choices that don’t honor the true spirit in each of us.

I make these promises knowing that at times you would forget who you are

and make choices that don’t honor the true spirit in each of us.

We can keep our promises if we remember who we are.

We can keep our promises if we look at each other through the eyes of God.”

(Adapted from Rebecca Whitecotton’s wonderful and beautifully illustrated book “CHILD OF MINE,  KNOW THIS”     ISBN 0-9725450-1-8)

Goals of the Crystal Cradle

The Crystal Cradle will support:

  • Creating a sacred space that they will feel safe coming into:

Use intention and ceremony around their conception, pregnancy and birth.  Use ceremony for babies and children to provide a safe sacred  container from which to deal with the complexities of life on this level of reality.

  • Creating a physical space that they will feel safe in.
  • Creating a clear energetic and emotional  space in which they will feel safe and nurtured.
  • Creating a communicative space that honors and supports them:

All babies and animals are able to communicate telempathically (with heart and mind). In the past we have not honored and supported this nonverbal communication because we forgot this skill when it was not honored and supported in us. These children are vibrating at a level at which speech is not the major avenue of communication. Therefore, let us learn how to receive and respond to their telempathic communication as well as teaching them to communicate verbally when they are ready

  • Providing experiences that will nurture and support them and their family.

The Crystal Connection


The Crystal Cradle is expanding the age range of children being addressed. In 2003 the focus was from conception through preschool. Now in 2014 these children are adolescents, so we will include school age children, and this addition is being called the Crystal Connection.

The Crystal Cradle/Crystal Connection Center is being planned to provide parent groups (addressing conception, pregnancy, birth; infancy, toddlers; preschoolers; elementary, middle, high schoolers; post school), a morning preschool program and after school programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. There will be an introductory 4 week program from 3-5 pm on Thursdays in Covina, CA (see page  8 Programs)

If this project resonates with you in any way, and you feel drawn or called to participate with your child or participate  in helping support this new generation of children through the Crystal Cradle, please contact me by email.



Blessings, Love and Light,