Parenting Support


“Raising a child is the most challenging job most of us will ever have” and we are not given any parenting training.  For parents of special needs children these challenges are amplified and often place strain on the relationship between the parents. Just as the new children have come to bring change and transformation to our struggling culture, they are bringing change to the area of parenting. A very informative teleconference series  is available to parents called “Journey with the New Children” ( www.saturn3lightflyers ) organized by Janiece and Michael Boardway, who have parented their son  Tristan in an innovative way. They share their experiences and interview people working and writing about the new children, and parents have the opportunity to ask questions. It certainly helps me to keep up to date with new developments related to the children.

Parents will benefit from support, beginning with conception because attitudes of parents before and during conception, and during pregnancy give rise to genomic imprinting which determines the child’s future characteristics (Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Conscious Parenting, DVD 2002). From birth for the first 6 years, when their brainwave activity is in delta and then theta, children download their observations of their parents directly into their subconscious. Thus parent’s perceptions and actions have a profound effect. “Parenting is a spiritual journey in itself”, and a deeper self-understanding and evolving self-awareness can help raise children who thrive (Siegel & Hartznell, “Parenting from the Inside Out”, 2003.  Gale & Day, “Soulful Parenting” 2008.  Blackburn Losey, “Parenting the Children of Now”, 2009. Suzy Miller, free bi-monthly teleclass for parents providing information, answering questions and providing energy balancing. ).

There are additional resources that give practical guidance for dealing with children. Edgar Casey gave advice for those parenting psychic children and there are parenting programs that have been developed for Indigo children that may also be helpful for parenting Crystal Children. Ongoing articles on parenting written by parents themselves are another resource (Kate Sprekley writes monthly about her experiences parenting star children in “Kate’s  Diary” on , and Weston’s mother, Marilu Schmier writes weekly comments about parenting him on “Weston’s Weekly” newsletter . “Connor’s Gift” by Tracie Carlos, 2011).

One major focus is “helping children to keep their intuitive abilities and remain enlightened, rather than unintentionally teach them how to forget”. This includes being able to “digest their experiences without anxiety and fear (when they come “in the form of bad dreams, scary spirit people and visions of traumatic events”, etc), or being dismissed and belittled.” (Soulful Parenting 2008)

It is important that parents and other adults open to see the children as teachers. Suzy Miller states “I am constantly amazed at what they are capable of, the direction they are taking us and their multi-layered impact on us, and humanity. … Their abilities in telepathy, higher-level awareness, and evolving states of consciousness make it clear that they are the new humans. Our ability to learn about and from them at this broader perspective opens NEW possibilities for us as well.” She shares with parents all that the children teach her on her website .

From Suzy Miller’s website a father writes about the value of the parental support he received from her:

“Suzy helped me understand my boys at such a high level, everyone in our family was amazed at how fast and dramatic the changes occurred.  Honestly, my kids have not changed….I have.  I now fully appreciate who my kids are.  I don’t see them as needing to be fixed anymore, but as blessings who are here to help me grow and experience a much more enriching life.  The relationship with my wife has improved dramatically as well and I am back again enjoying life at a high level.”

Parent coaching is also provided by:

Lori Shayew

Cecilia Schukar


Parent support groups are envisaged that will focus on parenting at different stages: during conception, pregnancy and birth, infancy, toddlerhood, preschool years, school years. The pilot program of the Crystal Cradle starting in August 2014, will include a parent support group.