Not being able to receive the telepathic communication of my clients, I sought to consult with those who had that skill. On a British website, I found a fellow Speech Therapist, Suzy Miller, from Arizona. Her psychic abilities were opened when she began working with her first young autistic client. After doing speech therapy with Tristan Boardway for about 18 months he demonstrated that he could also provide consultations. This provides invaluable information that can complement my regular approaches to speech therapy. For example, sometimes there are past life issues of being silenced either violently through strangulation, hanging or beheading, or voluntarily through a vow of silence. Vows can then be annulled, and energy healing can be used along with assurances that it is safe to speak in this lifetime. Sometimes an unusual word production pattern or grammatical structure is the influence from the language of a previous life. Without dentifying it as error, it can be explained that this pattern is appropriate in the other language, but now we are here and English has a different pattern. Information is available about energetic blockages in the body or in the charkas (major energy centers) which can be addressed using colors (coloring with crayons, using different colored scarves or hats) or healing energy.

More and more opportunities for consultation are becoming available. The ones I am aware of are:

www. saturn3light   Tristan, Janiece  and Michael Boardway   Suzy Miller and Awesomism Ambassadors (internationally) who have trained with her.