Spiritual Support

Spiritual Support. Firstly with regard to the spiritual wounds described previously, to be effective, the healing for this pain must come from the same spiritual level where it originates. In their book, the Dosicks describe three sacred processes they have been given to bring the healing that is needed for different age groups. GraceLight, for those from birth to seven years of age, is the most applicable to the crystal children. These can be done from the book or with the help of trained facilitators around the country and in other countries. When used from birth we have the possibility of preventing wounds from occurring.

Just as this is a sacred healing process, the sacred needs to be accessed  in all areas to fully support these spiritually evolved children. Even before conception, Maggie Tracey (626 437-0658) has found that the souls of incoming crystal children have provided information about changes that would facilitate a smooth entry. Conceiving, bearing and giving birth to a child is a sacred experience, an act of creation that can be sanctified with blessings, prayers and ceremony. As this has not been emphasized in our medical approach to pregnancy and birth, a support group during pregnancy can help the parents gain insight into the spiritual dimension of this process for the benefit of both parent and child. They can explore the possibility of communicating  telepathically with the spirit of their unborn child so that this is already familiar for them when the child is born (e.g. D. Church, Communing with the Spirit of your Unborn Child, 1988).

Considering their affinity for water, a water birth can be considered.  In addition to annual birthday celebrations, these children will benefit from blessings and simple rituals to sanctify life on daily, weekly, monthly (cycles of the moon), seasonal and annual cycles. This approach can be independent of or incorporated with a formal religious tradition.

We can also acknowledge the spiritual support that they receive from their angels and guides and teach them specific ways that they can request angelic assistance, protection, etc. Because crystal children can see them, earthbound spirits who are looking for help, may appear to these children. A mother reported that her 4 year old called her to come into his bedroom and see “Sad Eyes” but she could not see anything. Rather than denying their reality, we can give them a tool such as calling on Archangel Michael to take these visitors into the light (Doreen Virtue, The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children 2001, p68). Tristan reports on the website being able to talk to his parents about who he sees and having them assist him to help these beings move on. On one occasion they needed help from outside the family.

Dr Meg Blackburn Losey experienced these children communicating with her telepathically and went on to give voice to these children in her books “The Children of Now” and “ Conversations with the Children of Now.”

Our children may not have the option to shut down these experiences as previous generations did, but we can find ways to help them feel comfortable and selectively focus on different dimensions depending on the environmental demands of the moment.  Edgar Cayce emphasized helping the children see their intuition and other abilities as  helpful so that it can have a positive influence in their lives rather than be a burden (www.edgarcayce.org ).