Being highly sensitive and empathic makes these children deeply vulnerable. What pains and wounds could result for these children? Celia Fenn writes that “they struggle with the patterns and behaviors that they find here”.  Ellen and Wayne Dosick (2009) report that the Children of Spirit “come to Earth holding a vision of a perfected world. Their great pain comes from the dissonance they feel between their vision, and the wildly imperfect world they see and experience. Their pain is at a spiritual, emotional, energetic,  soul – level.” They have applied this information to the Indigo Children and describe seventeen spiritual woundings that these children can experience.  My understanding is that the Crystal Children who are here now with less than 100% of the crystal characteristics, experience a similar dissonance and with their extreme sensitivities/awarenesses and difficulty in verbally communicating with others, they may also experience some of these spiritual woundings. Having been trained as a facilitator in this healing process, the wounds that seem most applicable to the Crystal Children are:

Grief – weeping at the apparent separation from source

Distrust – not being able to count on any reality as certain.

Shame – being embarrassed in front of the whole cosmos.

Selfishness the fear of coming out to interact with this world experience.

Panic – the experience of being suspended in mid air with nothing to grasp or hold on to.

Indignation holding righteousness in response to the lack of dignity expressed for God’s creatures.

Resentment the wish that the world matches their inner vision.

The Dosicks present healing processes designed for different age groups. www.soulbysoul.com