Psychic Abilities


Doreen Virtue says that Crystal Children are born psychic (p 42) so adults with psychic skills may provide valuable insight into what the Crystal Children are experiencing. These adult’s awareness of many of the physical and energetic stimuli of other people, of our world and other dimensions are also heightened and can be overwhelming. We need to understand that for the children, being able to sense the anguish, trauma, pain, etc, of  parents, others at school, and in crowds, can be traumatic for the children. As parents we can learn to clear and balance our own energy fields and keep our words congruent with our thoughts and feelings that they are fully aware of.  Along with being able to see, hear and sense  things from other dimensions, psychic adults become acutely sensitive to sounds of specific pitches,  household chemicals, electromagnetic energy, people’s energy fields (even if the people are no longer present), global energies, etc. Coming back from a retreat I shared a hotel room with a friend who was very uncomfortable with the energy of the previous occupants and could not stay the night until we had cleared the energy.

I have not heard adults refer to these awarenesses/sensitivities as sensory dysfunction. However, to both adults and children their awareness/sensitivity can sometimes seem more like a challenge than a blessing in our society.

One friend shared that when she experienced intense inflows of Divine energy her hands involuntarily moved in a way that is similar to that observed in autistic children when they are ‘stimming’ (self stimulation). This may be what the children are doing, so although this looks like self stimulation to us, this term may be a misnomer.

When drawing stick figures, some children have been observed to draw auras around them, indicating that this is what they are seeing. When doing therapy, I have experienced a child turning around and being very excited to see someone or something in front of him which his mother and I could not see. Doreen Virtue states that even as babies, their heads and eyes turn as they clearly see angels and spirit guides (p43). Tristan confirms having these experiences all his life.

These may be experiences that, unknown to us, account for some of the behavior we see in the children.  Other psychic abilities the parents reported were going into trances, having healing abilities, past life memories, and invisible friends. Tristan confirms these experiences, and adds leaving ones body and flying around the universe, accessing other dimensions, etc. They may be living simultaneously in many dimensions. We have only briefly looked at this topic and there is a lot more to explore.

There are exercises, meditations, etc. that can be learned by parents and children to clear, balance and strengthen our energy fields and help  manage psychic gifts more effectively. Some sources are:  – Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy                       Donna Eden “Energy Medecine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies ….”