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Jewish Wisdom & Wellness: A Festival of Learning



Thursday, April 30, 2015  7-9 PM

Ahavat Torah
343 S. Church Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049


                                               Ariella Shira Lewis, M.A. SLP                                                  Founder and President of Crystal Cradle

Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron, BSN, RN, MA, PhD
Vice-President of Crystal Cradle
Director of Operations for Walking Stick Foundation

Fay Lavender-Levoy , M.A. SLP,
State Certified, General and Special Education Teacher


In this program, we will explore classical Jewish wisdom related to the gift of human potential in all people. Related rabbinic commentaries will be discussed against the backdrop of contemporary medical discoveries and integrative approaches.

Language and Speech Therapist Ariella Shira Lewis (www.CrystalCradle.net) will share her research on how to more effectively understand and interact with this range of children (ASD, ADHD, ADD, SPD, OCD, language delay, childhood apraxia, dyslexia, learning disability, etc.) to support their underlying abilities, while Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron (www.MiriamsCyberWell.com), who is also a Registered Nurse, will bridge Jewish traditional wisdom, spirituality, music and modern medicine. Both facilitators are certified in Autism Movement Therapy and have worked extensively with special needs children of all ages. Faye Lavender-Levoy, a Speech and Language Therapist with Elementary, Learning Handicapped and Administrative Credentials, who has taught for over 30 years in a Special Day Class, will share her wisdom and experience.

Parents of these special children as well as health professionals and educators will benefit from this seminar.

RSVP:  http://jewishwisdomandwellness.org/events/spiritual-guidance-and-support-for-the-hidden-potential-of-special-needs-children/

The Kalsman Institute on Judaism & Health along with Cedars-Sinai       present Jewish Wisdom and Wellness: A Festival of Learning.                   April 26 – May 3, 2015    http://jewishwisdomandwellness.org