My experience has certainly substantiated the claim about their heightened awareness of or sensitivity to everything in their environment, physical and energetic.  The Crystal Children  appear to be more sensitive to sound and light, both within the normal range and beyond what we perceive.

One of the children I worked with was reported to be able to see in the dark when he woke up at night even though his mother, who sat accompanying him could not see the things he could see. Other children  were very sensitive to sound. James, who loved music, would put his hands over his ears whenever we sang in therapy, and another was extremely traumatized by loud noise.

There are also tactile sensitivities like  being overly sensitive to being touched; sensitive to clothing, labels, etc (Weston does not wear shoes); not touching certain textures and consistencies (e.g. play dough, finger paint); difficulty with eating particular  textures, tastes, odors; etc (one child lived mainly on Pediasure).

There may also be internal sensitivities regarding nutrition and digestion, such as additives, preservatives, gluten, casein, mercury etc. Although there is controversy in the medical field, it has been suggested that because of their sensitivity to mercury “some children develop the neurological dis-orders known as autism and some develop immune system dysfunction”(Liora Leah “”). Due to a high metabolism their system may be easily imbalanced leading to  lack of elements such as vitamin B6, Omega3 fatty acids, etc  Many of these children are receiving help with sensory issues from occupational therapists and the increased demand for these services has resulted in long waiting lists for assessment and therapy. Some school districts are now employing their own Occupational Therapists rather than outsourcing.

The academic literature on this issue tends to refer to these sensitivities as ‘sensory dysfunction’. However, my sense is that this can more accurately be called ‘heightened sensitivity or heightened awareness’ rather than being identified as something pathological.  One explanation given for this heightened awareness is based on the vibrational level of these children. At the ‘normal’ vibrational level the waves are slow and open with lots of space where incoming sensory stimuli can pass through without intersecting the wave. At a higher vibrational level, which is characteristic of these children, the waves are smaller and closer together so that much more of the incoming sensory stimuli intersect with the wave and are therefore received and experienced (Ellen Dosick, 2004). Due to their heightened sensitivities it is likely that they are also sensitive to energies we are not usually aware of, like the “magnetic fields of the earth,  the wax and wane of the moon (Liora Leah)” and the electromagnetic fields from the electrical wiring and the appliances in our homes. An adult friend who is also sensitive to electromagnetic fields described being in a home or building as feeling energetically like standing in the middle of a freeway.

They also appear to be sensitive to the feelings and energy  fields of people. One non-verbal two year old child had the Onion Head cards (“”) depicting 36 emotions on his wall. After his Grandmother had been in an argument, her grandson brought her the card depicting the feeling of betrayal, which is what she was experiencing. Although this was not a word that he understood or used, he was sensitive to his grandmother’s feelings and could match it with the visual depiction of that feeling, distinguishing it from 35 other emotions. Steve Rother says that the Crystal Children will be especially sensitive to the lower vibrational emotion of fear and cannot thrive on a planet riddled with constant fear. They have no fear within themselves and can only reflect it back amplified, mirroring it for us. Because they can feel every emotion  in our hearts it is important for us to face and release the fear within ourselves, and change our own reactions to fear (Welcome Home p182-183). They are also sensitive on a wider level to the collective consciousness of humanity. With the political conflict, terrorism, war, natural disasters, etc. there is a lot of chaotic energy that they experience. It is important to balance this energy globally with love and light. Tristan does this kind of global healing with his family because he can feel the need for it. Not only are regular sensations and feelings experienced more intensely, but they are also perceiving stimuli from other dimensions (see page on Psychic Abilities)