1 Introduction

The Crystal Cradle


Supporting the Arrival and Thrival of the New Children.


The Crystal Cradle is envisioned as a center focused on supporting the “arrival and thrival”

of the new children from conception through childhood. The seed for the Crystal Cradle was planted in 2003.

As a speech pathologist working with preschoolers for much of my professional life (20 years), I could not help but notice, that in 2003 my caseload doubled in one year and I was seeing several children with a pattern of communication behaviors that I had not seen before. Usually when I did speech therapy with young children I felt that I was ‘lifting them up’, but with these children I felt that I was ‘dragging them down’. The Kogi tribe in the Amazon, who consider themselves our older brothers and sisters, have told us that there is a more evolved way of communicating than we do with spoken language, and that is communicating from the heart and the mind without words. This has been termed “telempathic” communication, and is also used by many indigenous peoples on the planet. I thought perhaps these children were designed to communicate in this more evolved way, which is why I felt as though I was dragging them down when getting them to use words to communicate.

In recent years, in addition to the increase in the incidence of speech and language difficulties, there had been a 300% in the diagnosis of autism.  Some of these children I was seeing, were being diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome (which is on the autistic spectrum), and some were getting conflicting diagnoses with one diagnostician saying the child was autistic and another saying he/she was not.

Beginning in 1970, I became familiar with autism in both a personal and professional capacity, but the new children I was seeing in 2003 were not classically autistic which involved lack of personal contact. These children often had a loving connection with their parents and wanted to connect with other children even if they did not know how to effectively do so. They had exceptional visual symbolic skills, such as being able to identify and name letters, numbers, colors and shapes, but had difficulty in combining two or more words together in phrases and sentences to communicate verbally. I needed to buy activities with letters and numbers as I had not previously worked with language delayed preschoolers in the area of letter and number skills. This was now an avenue to connect to their verbal expression.

Available textbooks did not answer my questions about these children. I needed a wider understanding of the phenomena that these children were presenting. In the same way that the medical field is including an alternative body of knowledge from complementary medicine leading to the practice of integrative medicine (M. Schlitz, 2004), I did my own research, opening myself up to other sources to see how these new children were being viewed. There are a plethora of new children being described in spiritual rather than academic terms – psychic children, indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children, star children, children of Spirit, children of now, the new children, pyramid children, etc. Some of these terms are broad and others more specific. Daniel Jacob (Star Children 2003) says the star children have been coming in successive waves, and Steve Rother (2002) warns us not to get side tracked by labels. Ellen Dosick in 1995 (Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children 2004, p235) began talking about the coming of Children of Spirit who were pure clear channels of Light and saying that the children were going to be in more pain than children had ever experienced before, from being in a world that is anything but clear and pure.

The description that most closely matched the children that I was seeing was that of the Crystal children. Steve Rother ( Re-member 2000, p168,) began telling us in 1997 about the future arrival of children of crystal vibration and the necessity of making the energy safe and comfortable for them.

My experience was that these children began being born  enmasse at the turn of the Millenium in 2000, although there were certainly others born earlier than that. They were the latest wave. Those children then started  reaching the school districts when they turned three in 2003. According to Steve Rother, the Crystal Children who have been born by 2005 did not yet have 100% of the crystal  characteristics. In 2008 the first 100% Crystal Children were beginning to be born.

By 2005 the only literature I was aware of, was by the following 2 authors, Doreen Virtue and Sharyl Jackson (see references). Since then, a great deal more information is available in the form of books, CDs, websites (see references) and an online teleconference series (www.saturn3lightflyers.com/journeywiththenewchildren). They have included information from the children themselves, those who were born before 2000, and are now able to share their experiences. (Losey, 2007 & 2009; www.saturn3lightflyers.com ; www.westonschmier.com). I was blessed with having one of these children, Tristan, now a young adult, and his parents, come into my life in 2007 requesting speech therapy services. Tristan was able to corroborate a great deal of what I had sensed and learned.